Frequently asked questions

In the world of the Internet and technology, we understand that things can be a bit perplexing. So, we've gathered some commonly asked questions to help you get up to speed.

The legacy Telstra Velocity network is being disconnected and thus for you to stay connected you need to place a
new Internet service order to use the Opticomm network. Without a new order, once your address is transitioned
you will no longer be able to access the Internet (or phone and TV services running over broadband).

NATAN is an approved Opticomm Retailer, so we will be delighted to help you with your transition and provide you
with your new Internet service.

Once the legacy Telstra Velocity network is disconnected you will no longer have access to the Internet (or phone
and TV services running over broadband). It is time to act now and place your new Internet order before the
transition date!

To pre-order your new Internet service with NATAN, call 07 3547 4877 or visit

This depends on what equipment was installed at your particular premises when the original network was built i.e.
the Network Terminal Device (NTD) which connects your premises to the Internet will either be installed inside or
outside. When you place your new order with NATAN, we will check if your NTD is located inside or outside.

If the NTD is located outside and you wish to access speeds of over 50Mbps, the equipment at your premises will
need to be upgraded. To facilitate this, NATAN will schedule and book an Opticomm technician to perform the NTD
upgrade on your behalf, and we will email you the scheduled appointment time. Any potential additional installation
costs will be confirmed with you in advance.

Once the NTD has been upgraded you will need to connect your Bring Your Own (BYO) Modem/Router.

If there are any setup costs or activation fees, then NATAN will confirm these to you in advance. These may

New Connection Fee ($109): a set-up fee from Opticomm is applicable for every connection request processed
through NATAN. This is regardless of what stage of installation the premises is at.

New Development Fee ($300): this fee may apply when Opticomm equipment needs to be installed from scratch
e.g. when the premises have recently been built, rebuilt, or sub-divided.

New Connection Charge ($330 – $550): this charge from Opticomm may be passed to the customer depending on
the circumstances and costs around the installation of the service.

No, you do not need to be home for the initial network transition.
If a technician is required to upgrade the NTD at your premises after the initial transition, you will need to be home
for this appointment. We will advise you in advance of the scheduled appointment time.

Most of the time you can use your existing Modem/Router. NATAN does not supply any Modems/Routers, so you
will need to Bring Your Own (BYO) Modem/Router.

Depending on the end point technology used by the Fibre Broadband carrier in your area, the requirements of your
Router may differ. If your location is serviced via FTTP, FTTC or HFC then your modem must have a WAN or
Internet port. If your location is serviced via FTTN or FTTB then you require a VDSL compatible Modem.

Opticomm will already have provided your premises with an Opticomm Connection Box, which acts as a Modem.
You will need to connect/purchase a Router which will then distribute the connection via WiFi.

You will require a compatible Modem/Router to use on the Opticomm network, most used Modem/Routers are TP-
Link, Netgear, Asus, Belkin and Netcomm. BYO Modems can be purchased from a local IT retailer in your area e.g.
Officeworks, JB-HiFi, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys.

The Velocity to Opticomm transition window is usually 7 business days. However, most customers are transitioned within the first 24 hours.

As Opticomm work on transitioning the Velocity network, customers may experience a short outage of up to 1 hour
on the day the legacy service is disconnected, and the new service is connected.

No, your Foxtel set-top box does not need to be re-programmed during the transition.

NATAN does not currently have a residential landline offering.

If you experience issues with your Internet service after the transition, please contact us on 07 3547 4877 or via
Our Support operating hours are:

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 9:00pm AEST
Saturdays & Sundays 9:00am – 9:00pm AEST
Australian National Public Holidays Closed

To upgrade your existing plan please contact or call us on 07 3547 4877.

NATAN can help you get relocated within a new Opticomm area. If you are moving outside of an Opticomm area,
we can also provide you with a new service at your new location. Please contact our us on 07 3547 4877 or

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