Inbound Voice

The NATAN Enterprise Inbound Voice solution includes 13, 1300 and 1800 voice products making it easy for your customers to reach you. With our flexible call routing options, we can tailor the right solution for your needs which maximises your value from inbound traffic.

Our Intelligent Network (IN) platform delivers inbound call routing to single or multiple answer points allowing calls to be routed to pre-selected answer points based on time of day, geographic and exchange-based call origin or call traffic loads, giving you maximum flexibility in call handling.

Key Benefits:

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    Ease of Use

    Multiple customers in different markets can dial a single number from anywhere in Australia making it simple for them to reach you. The numbers are easy to remember and are free or at a reduced rate for your caller.

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    A single number allows you to save on advertising complexity and costs, while helping you to standardise your message nationwide and so increase market reach.

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    You can manage all calls with numerous intelligent and flexible call routing options. This includes routing based on where the calls originated, time of day, seasonal or operational factors and other various business decisions.

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    Commercial Grade SLA

    The product SLA incorporates a 99.99% availability target which is maintained by dual Network Operation Centres (NOCs) and 24/7 Enterprise onshore support 365 days a year.

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