At the core of NATAN’s business model is working with our selected group of Advocates in order to provide a broader and more holistic solution for our client’s needs. We vet and choose our Advocates based on a strict criteria, so that they provide maximum value to our overall solution and our clients.

Key Benefits For Our Clients
  • Industry Leading Solutions

    Our Advocates are industry leaders and experts in their fields, so you can be assured you are utilising the latest technology and practices available in the market for those components of the solution.

  • Pre-evaluated Specialists

    Our Advocates have been chosen because they are subject matter experts in their particular field, we have previously worked with them and successfully delivered robust and reliable solutions to our clients. We know that their solutions, practices and personnel are of the highest standard and so we are comfortable advocating them to you.

  • Risk Mitigation

    We know that our telecommunication solutions work particularly well with the solution components of our chosen Advocates, because we have successfully delivered similar solutions for our other clients. This experience and high levels of collaboration with our Advocates translates to additional efficiencies for our clients and limits any risk of solution integration issues.

Key Benefits For Our Advocates
  • Select Group

    Our Advocates are an exclusive select group who are chosen based on several key criteria, so if you are successful in becoming part of our wider team then we will fully involve you day-to-day in our solutions and advocate you to our Enterprise and Government clients.

  • Clear Demarcation

    NATAN specialises only in core telecommunications and engages Advocates for all other solution components. We do not provide or plan to provide Managed Services or Phone Systems. Thus, there is always clear separation between our offerings and that of our Advocates, so there is no conflict of interest now or in the future.

  • Core Telecommunication Specialists

    The Telecommunications industry is a complex sector which required decades of experience and knowledge in order to navigate it efficiently and effectively. NATAN’s expertise of working with the Australian major carriers helps our Advocates to concentrate on their own core business, with the knowledge that we will fully take care of the client’s core telecommunication requirement.

Interested in becoming an advocate with NATAN