NBN™️ Enterprise Ethernet 100

NBN Enterprise Ethernet 100 is a commercial grade 100Mb/100Mb synchronous and uncontended fibre-optic product which is prebuilt with the capability of multiple services. The product comes as a pre-configured Unlimited Internet service, however you can choose to split the 100Mb bandwidth up between multiple other services, such as IP VPN, SIP Voice, AWS Direct Connect and Azure Expressroute.

Key Benefits:

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    This is a commercial grade fibre-optic product which connects you to our Tier 1 carrier’s backbone and allows you to consume up to four different commercial grade services via the same link.

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    100Mb of symmetrical bandwidth will allow for ultrafast upload and download speeds accelerating your business into the future and comfortably handle most of your requirements.

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    You can choose to split your 100Mb across a maximum of four pre-built different products. Also, any adds, moves and changes can be made quickly and dynamically. This provides maximum flexibility and scalability for all your organisation’s requirements.

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    This is a highly cost-effective and market competitive product as it allows you to consume multiple services over the same access, helping your organisation with its bottom line.

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    Commercial Grade SLA

    This enterprise-grade fibre-optic service is guaranteed by a full 24 x 7, 12-hour fault restoration SLA with the option to upgrade to 4 hours, delivering you with ultimate reliability and peace of mind.

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