SIP Voice

The NATAN Enterprise SIP Voice Service is a SIP Trunking solution that allows customers with an IP enabled PBX or SIP Gateway device to connect to our upstream Tier 1 carriers via Ethernet and have your telephony traffic carried via IP (utilising Session Initiation Protocol -SIP).  

The NATAN SIP Voice Service can be utilised as an alternative to traditional ISDN. The SIP service is delivered on underlying commercial grade Ethernet networks and provides superior scalability, functionality compared to traditional ISDN. This solution seamless integrates with your existing equipment, is cost-effective and easily scalable.

Key Benefits:

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    This is a commercial grade SIP Voice service utilising our Tier 1 upstream carriers. Our solutions are designed with multi-level redundancy and maximum diversity, using dual homing and centralised national number hosting at the core.

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    Ease of Use

    The SIP Voice solution can easily integrate into your existing IP phone system via the Ethernet port, allowing your SIP and phone lines to operate concurrently. We can migrate your existing numbers seamlessly and efficiently.

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    You can quickly and easily scale up your number of lines as required to efficiently meet your demand levels. We can also tailor our flexible call plans to meet your unique business call patterns.

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    Commercial Grade SLA

    The product SLA incorporates a 99.95% availability target which is maintained by dual Network Operation Centres (NOCs) and 24/7 Enterprise onshore support 365 days a year.

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